The LAB Color space

July 12th, 2007 by exhuma.twn

A few months ago, I decided to write a “quick” introduction to the LAB color space.
But instead of just writing the “hey! look, I can increase the luminosity of my image without losing color information”-type of post, I decided to get intimate with LAB and make the fuzzier concepts (the A and the B) a bit easier to understand using practical examples.

The reason why I still haven’t written more about LAB is simple. I got hooked! The more I read about LAB the more I am intrigues by the possibilities and the more I read about it. It’s a vicious circle.

I am now working on my 3rd attempt of the first example (yes, the usual-luminosity-suspect 😉 ) and I am still not quite satisfied. My recent discovery is how stupidly easy one can fix a color-cast in an image with LAB. With this technique you can even get rid of light fog or haze.

However, creating, and annotating, the example images is very time-consuming. And until end of summer I am still very busy, so I will have to postpone my posts a few months 😐

Stay tuned!

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