Calculate the distance between two GPS-Coordinates

September 17th, 2007 by exhuma.twn

This function uses the Haversine formula to calculate the distance which takes into account the spherical nature of the earth.
As the earth is not a perfect sphere, this function approximates this by using the average radius.

from math import sin, cos, radians, sqrt, asin

def lldistance(a, b):
   Calculates the distance between two GPS points (decimal)
   @param a: 2-tuple of point A
   @param b: 2-tuple of point B
   @return: distance in m

   r = 6367442.5             # average earth radius in m
   dLat = radians(a[0]-b[0])
   dLon = radians(a[1]-b[1])
   x = sin(dLat/2) ** 2 + \
       cos(radians(a[0])) * cos(radians(b[0])) *\
       sin(dLon/2) ** 2
   y = 2 * asin(sqrt(x))
   d = r * y

   return d

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