Colourising python logging for console output.

December 27th, 2013 by exhuma.twn

I’ve seen my fair share of code fragments colourising console output. Especially when using logging. Sometimes the colour codes are directly embedded into the format string, which makes it really hairy to deal with different colours for different levels. Sometimes even the log message is wrapped in a colour string along the lines:"{YELLOW}Message{NORMAL}") or something equally atrocious.

Most logging frameworks support this use-case with “Formatters”. Use them! Here’s a quick example of how to do it “the right way™”:

Disclaimer: For whatever reason, this gist is borking the theme. I’m guessing it’s the UTF-8 char in the docstring? So maybe a web-server misconfig? So I’ll have to link it the “old way”! Go figure…

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